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Deciduous Trees Around Las Vegas
Vegetation Around Las Vegas, Species Index
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Common Scientific Family Form
Ash, Singleleaf Fraxinus anomala Olive (Oleaceae) Deciduous Tree
Ash, Velvet Fraxinus velutina Olive (Oleaceae) Deciduous Tree
Aspen, Quaking Aspen Populus tremuloides Willow (Salicaceae) Deciduous Tree
Athel Tamarisk Tamarix aphylla Tamarisk (Tamaricaceae) Deciduous Tree
Birch, Water Birch Betula occidentalis Birch (Betulaceae) Deciduous Tree
Boxelder Acer negundo Maple (Aceraceae) Deciduous Tree
Catclaw Acacia Senegalia [Acacia] greggii Pea (Fabaceae) Deciduous Tree
Cottonwood, Fremont's Cottonwood Populus fremontii Willow (Salicaceae) Deciduous Tree
Cottonwood, Narrowleaf Cottonwood Populus angustifolia Willow (Salicaceae) Deciduous Tree
Ironwood Olneya tesolata Pea (Fabaceae) Deciduous Tree
Maple, Rocky Mountain Maple Acer glabrum var. diffusum Maple (Aceraceae) Deciduous Tree
Mesquite, Honey Mesquite Prosopis glandulosa Legume (Fabaceae) Deciduous Tree
Mesquite, Screwbean Mesquite Prosopis pubescens Legume (Fabaceae) Deciduous Tree
Mountain Mahogany, Curlleaf Mountain Mahogany Cercocarpus ledifolius Rose (Rosaceae) Deciduous Tree
Mulberry, White Mulberry Morus alba Mulberry or Fig (Moraceae) Deciduous Tree
Oak, Canyon Live Oak Quercus chrysolepis Oak (Fagaceae) Deciduous Tree
Oak, Gambel Oak Quercus gambelii Oak (Fagaceae) Deciduous Tree
Oak, Shrub Live Oak Quercus turbinella Oak (Fagaceae) Deciduous Tree
Palm, California Fan Palm Washingtonia filifera Palms (Arecaceae) Deciduous Tree
Palm, Date Palm Phoenix dactilifera Palms (Arecaceae) Deciduous Tree
Paloverde, Yellow Paloverde Parkinsonia microphylla Legume (Fabaceae) Deciduous Tree
Redbud, California Cercis orbiculata Legume (Fabaceae) Deciduous Tree
Russian Olive Elaeagnus angustifolia Oleaster (Elaeagnaceae) Deciduous Tree
Saltcedar Tamarix ramosissima Tamarisk (Tamaricaceae) Deciduous Tree
Smoketree Psorothamnus spinosus Pea (Fabaceae) Deciduous Tree
Sycamore, California Sycamore Platanus racemosa Sycamore (Platanaceae) Deciduous Tree
Tobacco, Tree Tobacco Nicotiana glauca Nightshade (Solanaceae) Deciduous Tree
Willow, Desert Willow Chilopsis linearis Catalpa (Bignoniaceae) Deciduous Tree
Willow, Goodding's Willow Salix gooddingii Willow (Salicaceae) Deciduous Tree
Willow, Narrowleaf Willow Salix exigua Willow (Salicaceae) Deciduous Tree

Note: All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate. Names generally follow the USDA database.
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