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Bonanza Peak Trail - Summit to Trailhead
Hiking Around Las Vegas, Spring Mountains (Mt. Charleston), Cold Creek Area
Bonanza Peak
Bonanza Peak Trail
Bonanza Peak (view SW)


This hike is strenuous, 4-miles and 3,000-ft elevation gain (one-way), but the grades are fairly consistent and never extreme. The trail starts at the Bonanza Trailhead above Cold Creek, climbs some 80 switchbacks to the crest of the Spring Mountains, then heads south along the crest, passing a few more switchbacks, to the summit.

The trail is forested all the way to the summit with trees that provide lots of shade. The lower trail is forested with ponderosa pine, white fir, and mountain mahogany, and higher up forested with bristlecone pines. There is even some common juniper, uncommon in this part of the world, higher up. There are great views through the trees to the east from many places along this scenic trail, but the views are especially grand from Bonanza Saddle (views east and west) and from Bonanza Peak (views east, south, and west). Above Bonanza Saddle, there are even nice views north.

Presented here are photos of the descent from Bonanza Peak to Bonanza Saddle and down to Bonanza Trailhead. For a complete description of the hike, including maps and GPS waypoints, see Bonanza Peak Trail (uphill).

Bonanza Peak Trail
Departing the summit (view S)

Leave-no-trace campsite just below summit

Descending the summit ridge (view NE)

Descending the summit ridge (view NE)

Descending limestone slickrock on the ridgeline (view N)

Back to the highpoint on Bonanza Trail with cairn (view N)

Descending Bonanza Trail (view N)

Descending Bonanza Trail (view NW)
Bonanza Peak
Bonanza Peak
Descending towards Bonanza Saddle (view N)
Bonanza Peak Trail
Descending off Bonanza Saddle (view NE)

Descending off Bonanza Saddle into bristlecone forest (view NE)

Common juniper along the trail (view N)

Grand views across the bombing range and DNWR (view NE)

Long traverse (view NE)

End of the long traverse (view NE)

Switchback at edge of burn zone (view NE)

Descending switchbacks (view S)

Descending switchbacks (view SE)

Descending switchbacks (view SE)

Mummy Mountain in the distance (view SE)

Descending switchbacks (view S)

Last switchback (view NE)

Mt. Charleston Wilderness Area sign (view SE)

Descending the last of the forested trail (view E)
Bonanza Peak Trail
Exiting the forest (view NE)
Bonanza Peak Trail
Approaching the trailhead (view NE)
bonanza peak trail
Hiker at the trailhead (view W)
bonanza peak trailhead
Bonanza trailhead (view W)

Happy Hiking! All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate.
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