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Essex Road - Southbound
Hiking Around Las Vegas, Mojave National Preserve

Grand views into Arizona from Essex Road (view E)


Essex Road is the main road that connects Interstate 40 with Providence Mountains State Park, which includes Mitchell Caverns.

From the interstate to the boundary of the state park, the road generally is well maintained, but it is subject to desert flash floods and parts of the pavement are missing where it crosses washes. Inside the state park, the road is heavily potholed with considerable amounts of bumpy patch, but there are plans to repave it by 2019.

This road provides access to Providence Mountains State Park, which includes Mitchell Caverns, plus Black Canyon Road , which provides access to the Hole-in-the-Wall area of Mojave National Preserve.

Presented here are photos of the return from Providence Mountains State Park. For a complete description of the road, including GPS coordinates, see Essex Road-Northbound.

Link to map.

Essex Road
Essex Rd departing Mitchell Caverns Ranger Stn. parking (view SE)
Essex Road
Descending towards main parking area (view SE)
Essex Road
Exiting the main Mitchell Caverns parking area (view NW)

Starting down the road -- watch sharp curve (view N)

Descending steep roadway (view E)

Approaching wooden work shed (view E)

Patch and potholes (view E)

Traversing more gentle terrain (view E)

Exiting Providence Mountains State Recreation Area (view E)

Essex Road is mostly well maintained (view E)

After long, straight road, watch for curve ahead (view E)

Curving into a desert wash (view E)

Asphalt washed out by flash floods (view E)

Passing under high-tension powerlines (view E)

Road sign for Mojave National Preserve areas (view E)

T-intersection ahead (view E)

Essex Road approaching Black Canyon Road (view E)
Essex Road
Essex Road at Black Canyon Road (view E)

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