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Backroads Around Las Vegas

Backroads Around Las Vegas provides information on off-highway driving adventures. Driving in the desert is fun, but it carries special risks. Always carry water, take the 10 Essentials, tell someone where you are going, tread lightly on this fragile land, and please respect the wilderness and the other people out there. Road conditions change with the weather, so always use your own good judgement.

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Wilderness Areas Around Las Vegas

We don't drive in our wilderness areas, but we have some "wilderness quality" roads on the periphery of the wilderness areas that give access to Wilderness, sometimes from the comfort of your car.

Basin and Range

Basin and Range

Encompassing Garden and Coal valleys, this 880,000 acre area has a long history of ranching, which for backroad enthusiasts, means endless miles of well maintained dirt roads set in the scenic Great Basin.

red rock canyon nca

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

The Scenic Loop Road is designated as a Backcountry Byway, and roads in the south and north ends of the conservation area provide access for hikers and mountain bike riders.

lake mead nra

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

A plethora of backroads provide access to the far reaches of the Recreation Area and adjacent BLM lands.

desert national wildlife range

Desert National Wildlife Range

Two main dirt roads and a number of side roads providing access to the far reaches of this huge and spectacular wildlife refuge.

Mt. Charleston

Mt. Charleston Area

A number of backroads provide access to the far reaches of the Spring Mountains.

gold butte region

Gold Butte Region

The Gold Butte Region is wild and remote country with a wonderland of old roads. Don't go here unless you are prepared to survive on your own.

sloan canyon

Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

Sloan Canyon NCA, essentially the hills south of Henderson, provides quick access to miles of hiking from the edge of town. Few roads penetrate the area, but roads around the edges provide hiking access and miles of dirt road scenery.

mojave national park

Mojave National Preserve

Lots of old roads, including the historic Mojave Road.

death valley national park

Death Valley National Park

Many old roads in this historic mining area.

other areas

Other Areas

Note: All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate.
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