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During spring, the deserts around Las Vegas can erupt in the well-known riot of colors, but the mountains also have many species of wildflowers. The mountains are never carpeted with flowers like the deserts, but there are many species of flowering plants, and wet places can put on quite a show. The bloom in the mountains starts as the snow begins to melt and moves up in elevation as the weather warms, although some species wait to bloom in the fall. Around Las Vegas, look for mountain wildflowers up in the Spring Mountains (Mt. Charleston) and higher elevations in the Desert National Wildlife Range. The higher elevations at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and the Mojave National Preserve can also be good for some of these species. Good places to look for wildflowers on Mt. Charleston include the meadow and end of the road in Lee Canyon, Deer Creek Picnic Area, and the Mary Jane Falls trailhead area in Kyle Canyon.

Listed here are wildflowers to see in the mountains around Las Vegas. These species include ephemeral plants, true annual wildflowers, flowering shrubs, and flowering trees. Click the heading to sort the columns, and click the links for more photos and details about each species.

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Note: All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate.
Note: All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate. Thumbs. Names generally follow the USDA database.
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