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Grace's Warbler (Setophaga graciae)
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Grace's Warbler (Setophaga graciae)

General Description: Grace's Warblers (Setophaga graciae) are tiny gray birds with black and white wingbars, a yellow front, and a bold, yellow eyeline. Grace's Warblers are birds of pine woods where they can be see foraging high among the needles.

Taxonomy: Passeriformes, Parulidae. Formerly Dendroica graciae.

Favored Habitat: Ponderosa pine woods.

Where to Find: Look for Grace's Warblers during summer up on Mt. Charleston, in the Sheep Range, and other high elevation ponderosa pine forests around Las Vegas and farther to the east and south across southern Utah and southwestern Colorado south through the pine forest of Arizona and New Mexico.


Grace's Warbler (Setophaga graciae) If you were a tasty bug or a little caterpillar, this might be the last face you ever see!
Grace's Warbler (Setophaga graciae) Grace's Warbler (Setophaga graciae)
Grace's Warbler (Setophaga graciae) Grace's Warbler (Setophaga graciae)
Grace's Warbler (Setophaga graciae)
Just finishing a bath and looking a bit rumpled!
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