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Jackson the "Jackass" (Burro)
Hiking Around Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
Jackson the "Jackass" (Burro)

Jackson the Jackass, or Jackson the Burro as some prefer, was a wild burro that roamed along roads in Red Rock Canyon hoping for handouts. Unfortunately, when people feed burros along roads, they walk onto the pavement hoping for more. When that happens, especially at night, large dark animals and fast cars don't mix. Almost always, the burro dies, and sometimes the humans die too.

As a result of feeding burros and the resulting human deaths, most of the wild burros were captured and removed from Red Rocks. Since 2012, Jackson has been kept as an animal ambassador so people can meet a wild-born burro without running the risk of killing them.

While it might be sad to see Jackson in jail, burros and horses are not native to North America and they really do cause considerable environmental harm to Desert Bighorn Sheep and other species dependant on water holes.

Jackson lives at the Cowboy Trail Rides Stables and comes out for public appearances. Visit Jackson on his off-hours (during daylight) by stopping at the Cowboy Trail Rides trailhead parking area and walking 2-3 minutes down the dirt road. Jackson's retirement home is in the corrals on the left.

Jackson Jackson
Jackson Jackson
Jackson Jackson the Burro

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