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Falling Man Rock Art Site - Tunnel Bypass
Hiking Around Las Vegas, Gold Butte National Monument
Falling Man Rock Art Site
Falling Man
Hiker detouring right on alternative route to the Falling Man site


The Falling Man Rock Art Site is a fascinating petroglyph gallery that has seen many visitors over the years, but some visitors can't or don't want to crawl through the tunnel and shinny along the narrow ledges before and after the tunnel. Fortunately, there is an alternative to see the Falling Man petroglyph, but this still is not "fully accessible."

From the end of the old road, the regular trail continues southwest towards the tunnel. Approaching the "tunnel" crag, a use-trail angles off to the right and runs into a short, narrow canyon at the base of the crag. After passing a low pour-over, the canyon opens onto an overlook above broad open area. From the overlook, the Falling Man petroglyphs visible high on the wall to the left.

Angling to the left, hikers can make their way down below the overlook and over to the Falling Man petroglyph.

Link to hiking map.

Falling Man
Hiker at the head of a narrow canyon (view W)
Falling Man
Past a little pour-over, hiker walks down narrow canyon
Falling Man
Approaching the overlook (view W)
Falling Man
Overlook; Falling Man visible to the left (view SW)
Falling Man
Edge of overlook; Falling Man visible above (view SW)
Falling Man
Hikers can pick their way across the slope to skyline (view SW)
Falling Man
On the skyline, hikers can scramble up to the petroglyph (view SE)
Falling Man
More to come ...

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