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Dall's Sheep (Ovis dalli)
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Dall Sheep (Ovis dalli)

General Information: Dall's Sheep (Ovis dalli) are large, white sheep of the northern mountains. Adult males are recognized by their large, curled horns, which are thin compared to Desert Bighorn Sheep. Females and young males have smaller, straighter horns. Body length of 4-6 feet; weight of 110-250 pounds (males are larger than females.

Taxonomy: Order: Artiodactyla (Even-toed Hoofed Mammals); Family: Bovidae (cows, sheep, goats, and similar mammals).

Breeding: Males and females gather to breed in the fall (November, December). Males leave the females and young to form separate bachelor herds. Males determine dominance by horn size, kicking, and crashing horns if necessary, but not to the extent of Bighorn Sheep. Females breed at about age 3.

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Diet: Vegetation; browse on grasses and forbs in high alpine meadows.

Range: Rugged mountains of northwestern Canada and Alaska.

Where to Find: Don't look for Dall's Sheep around Las Vegas. Rather, look for them on trips to western Canada and Alaska.


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