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Western Yellow Bat (Lasiurus xanthinus)
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Western Yellow Bat (Lasiurus xanthinus)

Western Yellow Bats (Lasiurus xanthinus) are medium-sized bats with yellowish fur, long arms, and short ears (longer than wide). The head and body are about 4-inches long and the wingspan is about 14 inches. The nose is simple. The tail membrane is heavily furred only on the basal third, the remainder is nearly naked. In coloration, yellow bats are similar to Pallid Bats (which have large ears) and Western Pipistrelle (which are very small and have a black mask).

Around Las Vegas, Western Yellow Bats are thought to be uncommon.

Western Yellow Bats occur throughout northwestern Mexico and get into the southern US from southern California to southwester New Mexico, including southern Nevada. They are associated with low-elevation, arid areas and especially like to roost in palms near water. With the increased use of palms in landscaping, it is thought they may be expanding their range northward. These bats catch insects (e.g., beetles, grasshoppers, and moths) on the wing and eat them in flight. Roosts alone.

Taxonomy: Order: Chiroptera, Family: Vespertilionidae

Western Yellow Bat (Lasiurus xanthinus) Western Yellow Bat (Lasiurus xanthinus)

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