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Spiders (Class Arachnida, Order Araneae)
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Desert Tarantula (Aphonopelma chalcodes)

General: Spiders are a diverse group of hugely abundant animals in the desert around Las Vegas. Spiders are recognized from other invertebrates by their eight legs, two body segments, and spinnerets (which produce the silken material they use to spin webs). Spiders do not have wings or antennae.

Most spiders are small and harmless, others are big and harmless, and a few are medium and harmful.

There are far too many species of spiders in the Mojave Desert to list them all. The intent here is to list a few of the common, conspicuous, and interesting species. While this website celebrates the lives of wild creatures, they do belong out doors. For people who have trouble with spiders in the home, consider contacting Fischer's Pest Control.

Photo Taxonomy Spider
Agelenidae Infraorder Araneomorphae, Family Agelenidae Funnel-Weaver Spiders
Araneidae Infraorder Araneomorphae, Family Araneidae (Orb Weavers) Garden Spiders
Cyclosa Infraorder Araneomorphae, Family Araneidae (Orb Weavers) Trashline Orbweavers (Cyclosa spp.)
Lycosidae Infraorder Araneomorphae, Family Lycosidae Wolf Spiders
Sicariidae Infraorder Araneomorphae, Family Sicariidae Violin Spiders (recluse spiders)
Theridiidae Infraorder Araneomorphae, Family Theridiidae Widow Spiders (Black Widow)
crab spider Infraorder Araneomorphae, Family Thomisidae Crab Spiders
Desert Tarantula (Aphonopelma chalcodes) Infraorder Mygalomorphae, Family Theraphosidae Desert Tarantula (Aphonopelma iodius)
Mojave Tarantula (Aphonopelma mojave) Infraorder Mygalomorphae, Family Theraphosidae Mojave Tarantula (Aphonopelma mojave)
Unidentified Spider uncertain Unidentified Spiders
Spiders (Class Arachnida) uncertain Spider Hole in sandy desert soil. Notice how the creature used sticks and pebbles to reinforce the elevated mouth of the tunnel.

Note: All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate.
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