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Talapia (Tilapia mariae)
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Talapia (Tilapia mariae)

General Description: Talapia (Tilapia mariae) are non-native, perch-like fish that were accidentally introduced into the Muddy River system by fish farmers. They can be recognized by their dorsal fin that extends almost to the tail and dark spots on the sides.

Taxonomy: Family: Cichlidae.

Talapia (Tilapia mariae)

Diet: These fish primarily eat aquatic vegetation, but they are also predatory fish that eat flying insects, aquatic insects, and native fish.

Favored Habitat: Warm waters.

Where to Find: Talapia can now be found all over the world. Around Las Vegas, look for this non-native species in the Muddy River downstream from the Moapa National Wildlife Refuge.


Talapia (Tilapia mariae) Talapia (Tilapia mariae)
Talapia (Tilapia mariae) Talapia (Tilapia mariae)
Talapia (Tilapia mariae) more to come ...
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