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Shelf Fungus Around Las Vegas
Non-Vacular Plants, Vegetation Around Las Vegas
Shelf Fungus

Shelf Fungi, also called Bracket Fungi, are a diverse group of fungi in the phylum Basidiomycota that feed and grow inside rotting logs and trees, then produce fruiting bodies (functionally the same as mushrooms) on the outside of the log or tree. The fruiting bodies (sometimes called conks) are what we see as the "shelf" or "bracket."

Shelf Fungi reproduce by spores that develop inside the conks and are released from pores on the underside of the conk. Some species produce new fruiting bodies every year, but others can last for years, and some species even produce annular rings of different colors.

Around Las Vegas, look for shelf fungus up in the mountains where forest conditions are moist, places such as Kyle and Lee Canyons on Mt. Charleston.

For more information, see the shelf fungus page in Wikipedia.

Shelf Fungus

Fruiting bodies (conks) of shelf fungus growing on an old stump.

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