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Leafcover Saltweed (Atriplex phyllostegia)
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Leafcover Saltweed (Atriplex phyllostegia)

General: Leafcover Saltweed (Atriplex phyllostegia), an annual saltbush, is a spreading annual forb with short stems and fleshy, gray-green arrowhead-shaped leaves. The flowers are small and nondescript like other species of saltbush.

Leafcover Saltweed is an uncommon component of desert vegetation communities on sandy and silty soils. Around Las Vegas, look for this species on dry, alkali flats in the bottom of Death Valley.

Family: Goosefoot (Chenopodiaceae).

Other Names: Arrowscale Saltbush

Plant Form: Spreading, herbaceous annual with short stems arising from base.

Leafcover Saltweed (Atriplex phyllostegia)
Leaves and flowers.

Height: To about 10 inches.

Stems: Several, short, spreading.

Leaves: Fleshy, cylindrical, to about 3 inches. Glandular.

Flowers: Small and nondescript.

Habitat: Sandy and silty, alkaline or saline soils.

Elevation: To about 3,000 feet.

Distribution: California to New Mexico.

Leafcover Saltweed (Atriplex phyllostegia) Leafcover Saltweed (arrow) in habitat along the Amargosa River in Death Valley National Park. Associated species include fourwing saltbush, Mojave Seablite (Suaeda moquinii), and Dead Man's Fingers (Calandrinia ambigua).
Leafcover Saltweed (Atriplex phyllostegia)
Top of leaf.
Leafcover Saltweed (Atriplex phyllostegia)
Bottom of leaf with flowers
Leafcover Saltweed (Atriplex phyllostegia) flowers
Leafcover Saltweed flowers
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