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Working with the U.S. Geological Survey:
It wasn't what I had hoped or expected.
April and May, 2006
USGS Henderson Office

Here is the short story: I refused to falsify data and quit.

After 11 years, I left the Yucca Mountain Project in March 2006 and went to work for the USGS as a GS-05 seasonal field biologist. This page serves as a table of contents for my adventure.

Week 1: Checking in, orientation, office work, and the greenhouse. High hopes started showing cracks early on. Click the link for details.


Week 2: Mojave National Preserve; working the low-elevation zone. My worst fears are starting to be realized. Click the link for details.

Hole in the Wall Campground

Week 3: Mojave National Preserve; working higher elevation zones. How can working in the desert be so unpleasant? Click the link for details.

Week 4

Week 4: Mojave National Preserve. What a difference a single person can make. We had a delightful week when the crew boss stayed home. Click the link for details.

Week 5

Week 5: Mojave National Preserve. A short week in the desert, and than a glorious 5-day weekend. Click the link for details.

USGS Week 6 Week 6: Mojave National Preserve. I had a great time camping and hiking in the evenings, and the fact that "The Pill" gave us the silent treatment all week made it even better.
MOJA Week 7: Mojave National Preserve. The desert is drying out. We finished our work in the Mojave Desert in the nick of time.

I'm Done. IT IS OVER!
Week 8: After a week in the greenhouse, it's over.
Note: All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate.
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