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Birding Around Las Vegas Wash Scenic Overlook and Picnic Area
Birding Around Las Vegas, Lake Mead Area
Las Vegas Wash Scenic Overlook
Las Vegas Wash Scenic Overlook


Las Vegas Wash Scenic Overlook and Picnic Area sits on a flat-topped bluff overlooking Las Vegas Bay. The landscape is sparsely vegetated with stunted creosote bush, white bursage, and few other shrubs, and the lakeshore is mud or grown up in saltcedar, depending on water levels.

When the lake level was up, water lapped at the edge of the picnic area, but now the picnic area provides an elevated position for looking down on Las Vegas Wash, and the lake is in the far distance. Be sure to bring a spotting scope. Watch for wading birds along the wash, and scan the sky for gulls and other birds flying up from the lake, but in reality, with current water levels, this isn't the best place to bird.

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