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Birding Around the City of Dunedin, Florida
Dunedin Marina

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Dunedin Marina
Dunedin Marina
Brown Pelicans loafing on pilings


The City of Dunedin, Florida, is one of those places where Northerners go to escape the cold of winter. Of course, I'm talking about the winter birds. Dunedin is a great place to see birds, many of whom are habituated to humans and allow close approach.

The Dunedin Marina is a typical small-town marina with slips for about 200 boats, a city park, and a couple of places to eat. Birders can walk up to the edge of the marina, but access to the docks is restricted. A short pier along the north edge of the marina provides access to open water. Benches at the end of the pier provide a nice place to sit, relax, watch the boats come and go, watch the birds, and perhaps see a manatee.

Dunedin Marina


Dunedin Marina (148 Marina Plaza, Dunedin, FL) is located at the far west end of Main Street. Link to Map.


Technically open 24 hours, but generally considered closed late at night.



Dunedin Marina
Green Heron
fishing from a rope swing


During winter, Dunedin Marina is a good place to sit, relax, have a bite to eat, and watch birds close up. Atlantic Brown Pelicans and Laughing Gulls are comfortable around humans, and Reddish Egrets, Snowy Egret, Green Heron, and Great Blue Heron don't stand too far off. The pier is a good place to see close-up Double-crested Cormorants in the water and Ring-billed Gulls, Laughing Gulls, Royal Terns and Forster's Terns in the air. Signs warn boaters to watch for manatee. Watch for shorebirds, such as American Oystercatcher and Willet, flying by. Turkey Vultures and Black Vultures soar overhead, while Rock Pigeons, Starlings, and House Sparrows jostle for scraps of human food. Keep an eye out for ever-present brown anoles scurrying about, and look for manatees grazing in the calm waters.

For More Information, visit the official Dunedin Marina website.

Dunedin Marina Dunedin Marina
Dunedin Marina Dunedin Marina
Dunedin Marina Dunedin Marina
Dunedin Marina Dunedin Marina
Dunedin Marina
Bay-side entrance to the marina
dunedin marina
Close fly-by of an American Oystercatcher
Dunedin Marina
Snowy Egret hunting from the back of a boat
Dunedin Marina
Atlantic Brown Pelican fishing from the dock

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