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James L. Boone, Ph.D., Ecology
Some of my Other Skills
Field Work
  • USFWS "Authorized Biologist"
  • Locating and moving desert tortoises.
  • Plant identification (including sensitive Mojave Desert species), herbarium specimen preparation.
  • Animal identification, museum specimen preparation (wet and dry).
  • Animal capture, handling, and marking (rodents, bats, raccoons, bears, and reptiles).
  • Sampling using transects, fixed plots, variable-radius plots.
  • Recording accurate and legible data.
  • Floral and faunal (mammals, birds, reptiles) surveys.
  • Soil surveys.
  • Topographic map and air photo use and interpretation.
  • Navigating using map, compass, GPS, aerial photos, lay of the land, sun and stars.
  • Operate vehicles (e.g., standard and automatic transmission, 4-wheel-drive trucks, motorcycles, trucks to 25,000 GVW, ATVs, and fire engines).
Living in the Bush
  • Working alone in wilderness situations for long periods of time.
  • Working and living under extreme environmental conditions.
  • Lifting and carrying heavy loads (e.g., 60-pound backpacks).
  • Wilderness survival, camping, backpacking for extended periods.
  • Dealing with bears, rodents, insects, and other pest species.
  • Navigating using map, compass, GPS, aerial photos, lay of the land, sun and stars.
  • University Teaching in lecture and laboratory classes.
  • Laboratory Techniques: safe use of chemicals and equipment, genetic analysis.
  • Biological Statistician: experimental design, data analysis, analyze impact data.
  • Computer Operations on Macintosh and Intel platforms (including programming in FutureBasic, HTML, FORTRAN, and BASIC), use of Ticketron terminals, use of many and varied applications for science and business on both platforms.
  • Computer instructor: tutoring various software applications.
Business Operations
  • I run my own small business.
  • Supervising personnel (e.g., law enforcement, fire fighting, fee collection, search and rescue, and teaching).
  • Scheduling.
  • Public speaking.
  • Operate audio visual equipment, 35 mm camera, digital cameras, office equipment.
  • Technical Writing (e.g., law enforcement reports, scientific papers, technical reports, engineering reports, websites).
  • Author: "Rock Climbing and Technical Rock Rescue: A Training Manual"
Emergency Response
  • Law Enforcement Techniques.
  • Emergency Medical Technician: held EMT and CPR certification.
  • Dispatching; use of two-way radios.
  • Technical Rock Climbing: expert level, instructor.
  • Technical Rock Rescue: expert level, instructor.
  • Tracking: search and rescue for humans.
  • Use of snow and ice climbing equipment.
Fire Fighting
  • Prescribed fires and fire fighting (wildland and structural); held Fire Boss Red Card
  • Chainsaws: operate chainsaw to 4-foot-long bar.
  • Helitack, heliport ground support operations.
  • Fire Engine (drive and operate pumps).
  • Gas Welding.
... and than ain't all!
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