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Chronicle of Recovery from a Texas Coral Snake Bite

Day 5, December 3. The hand is little changed and seems to be progressing well, but there still is numbness and some itching on the top of the finger. In camp that evening, we found a very pretty black, red, and yellow beetle on our picnic table. Recalling that my previous mistake involved a very pretty black, red, and yellow creature, I was a bit nervous about catching the beetle. I knew that the beetle could not hurt me, so I caught and photographed it anyways, but at some point, I momentarily slipped into an irrational hysteria flicking my hand and begging Liz to GET IT OFF OF ME! I calmed down and finished photographing the beetle, but my reaction was uncharacteristic and an interesting observation.

Texas Coral Snake Bite Texas Coral Snake Bite
boring beetle boring beetle
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