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Siskiyou Chipmunk (Tamias siskiyou)
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Siskiyou Chipmunk (Tamias siskiyou)

Description: Siskiyou Chipmunks (Tamias siskiyou) are large, reddish chipmunks with indistinct dark and light stripes on the back. The head and body are about 6-inches long, and the tail is 4-5 inches long. The dark stripes on the body are black, but the light colored stripes are yellowish or grayish. The facial stripe below the ear is brown. The back of the ears are dark gray in front, light gray behind.

This species lives in the humid Siskiyou Mountains of northern California and Oregon. This specimen was photographed in Del Norte Redwoods State Park.

Siskiyou Chipmunk (Tamias siskiyou) Siskiyou Chipmunk (Tamias siskiyou)
Siskiyou Chipmunk (Tamias siskiyou) more to come ...

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