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California Leaf-nosed Bat (Macrotus californicus)
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California Leaf-nosed Bat (Macrotus californicus)

Description: California Leaf-nosed Bats (Macrotus californicus) are medium-sized bats (to about 4 inches) with gray fur, long ears (more than 1 inch), and a leaf-like projection on the nose. Wingspan to about 14 inches.

Around Las Vegas, California Leaf-nosed Bats are thought to be uncommon.

Taxonomy: Order: Chiroptera, Family: Phyllostomidae.

California Leaf-nosed Bat (Macrotus californicus)

Range: Southeastern California, southern Nevada, and southwestern Arizona, then south into northwestern Mexico.

Habitat: Low-elevation, arid areas. Roost in mines and buildings; prefers warm mine shafts during winter.

Diet: Mostly forage visually by flying slowly near the ground and gleaning insects from the ground and vegetation. They can echolocate and catch insects on the wing, but they mostly forage using sight.

Comments: Roosts in colonies. Do not migrate or hibernate.

Note: All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate.
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