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Snails and Slugs Around Las Vegas
Phylum Mollusca, Class Gastropoda
Invertebrates Around Las Vegas, Wildlife Around Las Vegas
Spring Mountains Springsnail (Pyrgulopsis deaconi)

General: We don't often think of snails or slugs in the Mojave Desert, but various species of snails can be found on land and in springs and streams throughout the desert. For most of our snails, their habitat -- water in the desert -- always is in danger of drying out, so the endemic aquatic snails are considered species of concern. Snails and slugs eat algae and detritus.

Spring Mountains Springsnail (Pyrgulopsis deaconi)

Spring Mountains Springsnail (Pyrgulopsis deaconi). Family Hydrobiidae. This species only occurs in four springs in the Spring Mountains.

Spring Mountains Springsnail (Pyrgulopsis deaconi) Springsnail (Physa spp.) Family Hydrobiidae. These springsnails occur in a number or springs around Las Vegas, including Willow Spring (Red Rock Canyon NCA) and Goldstrike Canyon (Lake Mead NRA).
Moapa Pebblesnail (Pyrgulopsis avernalis) Moapa Pebblesnail (Pyrgulopsis avernalis). Family Hydrobiidae. This species is only found in warm springs and outflows at the head of the Muddy River. The Moapa National Wildlife Refuge protects some of their habitat.
Red-rimmed Melania (Melanoides tuberculatus) Red-rimmed Melania (Melanoides tuberculatus). Family Thiaridae. This species is native to Asia and Africa; around Las Vegas, look for them in the warm springs and outflows at the head of the Muddy River where they compete with native species.
spring snail spring snail
spring snail Snails and Slugs
Slug in the bottom of the Grand Canyon
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