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Millipedes (Class Diplopoda)
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Millipedes (Class Diplopoda)

General: Millipedes (Class Diplopoda) are arthropods with a hard exoskeleton. They are segmented, round, worm-like creatures with two pairs of short legs per body segment (except for the first few segments). Millipedes are rather slow-moving creatures.

Feeding: Most millipedes are herbivorous, feeding on dead plant material.

Taxonomy: Subphylum Myriapoda, Class Diplopoda with 13 orders, 113 families, and over 1,000 species worldwide.

Note: Compare with the faster moving, predacious centipedes that have one pair of legs per segment.

Millipedes (Class Diplopoda) A long, wide species of millipede.
Millipedes (Class Diplopoda) A long, narrow species of millipede.
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