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(Class Insecta, Order Thysanura)
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Invertebrates Around Las Vegas, Silverfish and Relatives
A native species of silverfish (Lepismatidae) found on sandstone in Red Rock Canyon NCA.

General: The Silverfish (Class Insecta, Order Thysanura [sometimes Zygentoma]) are a group of small, silvery creatures with two very long antennae and three long caudal bristles. Their bodies are covered with silvery scales that give them a glittery appearance, and they run with a bit of a "swimming fish" motion, hence the name "silver fish."

There are 3 families and almost 400 species of silverfish in North America. Two of the families are numerous with about 200 species each worldwide. Members of the family Lepismatidae are wingless and include two familiar indoor species: the silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) of cool, damp places, and the firebrat (Thermobia domestica) of warm dry places. The silverfish sometimes are pests in homes and libraries because they eat starchy materials such as the paste used in book bindings. Members of the family Nicoletiidae are small and live in the soil and under stones and other debris.

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