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Spreadwing Damselfly (Lestes spp)
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Spreadwing Damselfly (Lestes spp)

General: Spreadwing Damselflies (Lestes spp) are large damselflies that hold their wings spread out to the side rather than down along the body as in most damselflies. This species is black with blue bands, and the wing-spot (stigma) is light.

These active creatures are harmless to humans, but they are voracious predators of small flying insects such as flies and mosquitoes. There are some good places for Watching Damselflies Around Las Vegas.

Taxonomy: Order Odonata, Suborder Zygoptera, Family Lestidae.

Spreadwing Damselfly (Lestes spp) Spreadwing Damselfly (Lestes spp)
Spreadwing Damselfly (Lestes spp) more to come ...

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