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Lacewings, Antlions, and Relatives
(Class Insecta, Order Neuroptera)
Invertebrates Around Las Vegas, Wildlife Around Las Vegas
Green Lacewings (Chrysopidae)

General: The Lacewings and Antlions (Order Neuroptera) are two diverse groups of flying creatures in the desert and mountains around Las Vegas. There are 7 families of lacewings, one family of antions, and several families of their relatives in North America. The neuropterans are generally recognized by their long, lacy wings that show a network of veins. In addition, the membranous wings are in two pairs, the body is long and thin, and the antennae are long, and the color is green (usually) or brown.

Lacewings, and especially their larvae, are predators on other insects, consuming and reducing the population of harmful insects. As such, these creatures are valued guests in gardens and farm fields.

Green Lacewings (Chrysopidae) Green Lacewings (Chrysopidae)
Antlions (Myrmeleontidae) larvae Antlions (Myrmeleontidae). The adults look like lacewings, but the larvae (shown here) are more familiar.

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