Texan Crescent (Anthanassa texana)
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Texan Crescent (Anthanassa texana)

Identification: Texan Crescents (Anthanassa texana) are recognized by the indented outer edge of the forewing. The upper wing surfaces are black with white spots towards the edge and black with orange near the body. The hindwing has a median band of white spots. Females show less orange.

Taxonomy: Family: Brush-footed Butterflies (Nymphalidae); Subfamily: True Brushfoots (Nymphalinae). Formerly Phyciodes texana.

Texan Crescent (Anthanassa texana)

Preferred Habitat: Deserts and riparian areas from Central America northward to southern California, southern Nevada, and east to the Carolinas; scattered observations up through the Great Plains.

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Texan Crescent (Anthanassa texana) Texan Crescent; notice the indented edge of the forewing (arrow)
Texan Crescent (Anthanassa texana) Texan Crescent
Texan Crescent (Anthanassa texana) Texan Crescent

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