Arizona Sister (Adelpha eulalia)
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Arizona Sister (Adelpha eulalia)

General: Arizona Sisters (Adelpha eulalia) are blue-black butterflies with orange spots on the tips of the forewings and a broad white strips across both wings. The underside of the wings show light blue, which helps to separate them from California Sisters (Adelpha californica) that have dark blue.

Taxonomy: Family: Brush-footed Butterflies (Nymphalidae); Subfamily: True Brushfoots (Nymphalinae).

Arizona Sister (Adelpha eulalia) Comments: This butterfly was seen at Willow Spring in Red Rock Canyon NCA.
Arizona Sister (Adelpha eulalia) Colorful underwings.
Arizona Sister (Adelpha eulalia) On the hindwing, consider the narrow, light blue line (blue arrow) behind the bold white stripe (white arrow). Both are the same length in the Arizona Sister. In the California Sister, the blue line is half as long as white stripe. Also, the California Sister has an orange spot in the blue area indicated by the orange arrow. (information from Todd L. Stout of the Utah Lepidopterists' Society).
Arizona Sister (Adelpha eulalia) Check out those eyes and tongue!
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