Gray Hairstreak Butterfly (Strymon melinus)
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Gray Hairstreak (Strymon melinus)

General: Gray Hairstreaks (Strymon melinus) are recognized by their gray wings with orange spots and one thin tail on each hindwing. Postmedian line is fairly straight, white, and bordered with orange on the forward edge.

Taxonomy: Family: Gossamer-wing Butterflies (Lycaenidae); Subfamily: Hairstreaks (Theclinae).

Comments: This species occurs throughout North America and south to northern South America. This is the most widespread hairstreak in North America.

Gray Hairstreak Butterfly (Strymon melinus) Gray Hairstreak Butterfly (Strymon melinus)
Gray Hairstreak Butterfly (Strymon melinus) more to come ...

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