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Wild Silk Moths (Family Saturniidae)
(Order Lepidoptera, Moths)
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Buckmoth (Hemileuca sp.)
Buckmoth (Hemileuca sp.), Burns, Oregon

Taxonomy: Family: Wild Silk Moths (Saturniidae)

Flight: One brood during the fall.

Wing Span: 2 to 3 inches; females larger than males.

Adult Food: Adults do not feed.

Caterpillar Food: Host Plants include Horsebrush (Tetradymia axillaris and T. glabrata), Fremont Dalea, and Desert Almond.

Larvae: Hatch during spring. Black in the first instar. Gregarious when young, but wander and become solitary as they age.

Habitat: Mojave Desert Scrub on alluvial fans and along washes.

Range: Mojave Desert of southern California, southern Nevada, southwestern Utah, and northwestern Arizona.

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Burn's Buckmoth (Hemileuca burnsi)

Burn's Buckmoth (Hemileuca burnsi)

Tricolor Buckmoth (Hemileuca tricolor)

Tricolor Buckmoth (Hemileuca tricolor), caterpillar

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