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Burn's Buckmoth (Hemileuca burnsi)
(Family Saturniidae, Order Lepidoptera, Moths)
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Saturniidae, Hemileuca burnsi
Burn's Buckmoth (Hemileuca burnsi), Arrow Canyon Range.

Taxonomy: Family: Wild Silk Moths (Saturniidae)

Flight: One brood during the fall.

Wing Span: 2 to 3 inches; females larger than males.

Adult Food: Adults do not feed.

Caterpillar Food: Host Plants include Horsebrush (Tetradymia axillaris and T. glabrata), Fremont Dalea, and Desert Almond.

Larvae: Hatch during spring. Black in the first instar. Gregarious when young, but wander and become solitary as they age. Large and well protected with stinging hairs.

Habitat: Mojave Desert Scrub on alluvial fans and along washes.

Range: Mojave Desert of southern California, southern Nevada, southwestern Utah, and northwestern Arizona.

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Saturniidae, Hemileuca burnsi
Wings folded in typical moth fashion
Saturniidae, Hemileuca burnsi
Black and red banded abdomen
Saturniidae, Hemileuca burnsi
Feathery antennae
Burn's Buckmoth (Hemileuca burnsi)
Burn's Buckmoth Caterpillar on Fremont Dalea
Burn's Buckmoth (Hemileuca burnsi)
Two Burn's Buckmoth Caterpillars on Fremont Dalea

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