Prominents (Notodontidae)
(Order Lepidoptera, Moths)
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Prominents (Notodontidae)

Prominents (Notodontidae) are a group of medium-sized moths with stout, hairy bodies. They typically are brown or gray. Females generally are larger than males. When resting, Prominents hold their wings like a roof over their body. In profile, they seem to have a humped back.

Taxonomy: Prominents (Notodontidae)


Wing Span: About 2 inches;

Prominents (Notodontidae)

Adult Food:

Caterpillar Food:


Prominents (Notodontidae)



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Prominents (Notodontidae) The front legs are covered with gray hairs, and when the moth is hanging on a wall or other vertical substrate, they stick out like this.
Prominents (Notodontidae) Big, hairy, gray moth.
Prominents (Notodontidae) Big eyes and a hairy, humped back.
Prominents (Notodontidae) Big, hairy, gray moth.

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