Tiger Moths and Lichen Moths (Erebidae, Arctiinae)
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Gnophaela vermiculata (Gnophaela vermiculata)

General Information: Tiger Moths and Lichen Moths (Family Erebidae, Subfamily Arctiinae) are worldwide in distribution with most species in the tropics. These moths are medium-sized, colorful moths with colors including white, yellow, orange, and red with black on the forewings. Some species are day active. Larvae are typically hairy (e.g., woolly bears).

The larvae of many species acquire distasteful or poisonous chemicals from host plants and pass them on to the adults, while other species manufacture defensive chemicals as adults. Larval hairs may be stinging. Aposematic colors (e.g., bright colors) advertise the fact that predators should stay away.

There are nine subfamilies in the Erebidae, including the Arctiinae (Tiger and Lichen Moths).

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Red Tiger Moth (Lycomorpha fulgens) Red Tiger Moth (Lycomorpha fulgens)
Gnophaela vermiculata (Gnophaela vermiculata) Gnophaela vermiculata (Gnophaela vermiculata)

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