Yuma Skipper (Ochlodes yuma)
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Yuma Skipper (Ochlodes yuma)

General: Yuma Skippers (Ochlodes yuma) are small, stout, fast-flying "butterflies" with orangish wings that have a narrow dark border, dark veins, and small indistinct spots. Wing span about 1-1/4 inches.

Taxonomy: Family: Skippers (Hesperiidae); Subfamily: Grass Skippers (Hesperiinae)

Where to Find: This species occurs throughout the desert southwest in places with water, either natural or agricultural waters. Around Las Vegas, look for this species along the Las Vegas Wash in the Clark County Wetlands Park.

Yuma Skipper (Ochlodes yuma) Yuma Skipper (Ochlodes yuma)
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