Grass Skipper (Hesperia spp.)
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Grass Skipper #2 (Subfamily Hesperiinae)

General: Grass Skippers in the genus Hesperia are small, stout, fast-flying "butterflies" with a black stripe on the forewing. The group is extremely difficult to identify to species, and my book devotes half a page to encouraging students of the group to buy a good stereomicroscope.

Taxonomy: Family: Skippers (Hesperiidae); Subfamily: Grass Skippers (Hesperiinae); Genus Hesperia.

Grass Skipper #2 (Subfamily Hesperiinae)

Wing span: to about 1-1/4 inches.

Hosts: Caterpillars feed on monocots (e.g., grasses, orchids, lilies, agaves).

Habitat: Middle elevation habitats in the Jarbidge Mountains of northeastern Nevada.


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