Aphids (Family Aphididae)
(Class Insecta, Order Hemiptera)
Invertebrates Around Las Vegas, Wildlife Around Las Vegas
Suborder Sternorrhyncha

General: Aphids are a group of very small bugs that have mouthparts modified into a beak capable of piercing plants and sucking fluids. When not feeding, Aphids tuck their beak under their chin and chest.

Often, several generations of aphids can be found foraging together on the underside of leaves. Look carefully for their predators and parasitoids too.

Taxonomy: Class Insecta (Insects), Order Hemiptera (True Bugs), Suborder Sternorrhyncha (Plant-parasitic Hemipterans), Superfamily Aphidoidea, Family Aphididae (Aphids)

Aphids (Family Aphididae) Aphids (Family Aphididae)
Aphids (Family Aphididae) Aphids (Family Aphididae)

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