Lygus Bugs (Lygus spp.)
(Order Hemiptera; Family Miridae)
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Lygus bugs (Lygus spp.)

General: Lygus bugs (Lygus spp.) are Plant Bugs (Miridae) that have piercing mouth parts and feed on plants by sucking their fluids. These tiny bugs are hard to identify to species, but look for the triangle or V-shaped mark on the back. Also notice the long segments on the antennae and the long legs.

Lygus bugs can be disease vectors for plants, but these tiny creatures are entirely harmless to humans.

Taxonomy: Insecta (Insects), Hemiptera (True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies), Heteroptera (True Bugs), Miridae (Plant Bugs), Lygus spp. (Lygus bugs)

Lygus bugs (Lygus spp.) Lygus bugs (Lygus spp.)
Lygus bugs (Lygus spp.) more to come ...

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