Water Boatman (Family Corixidae)
(Class Insecta, Order Hemiptera)
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Water Boatman (Family Corixidae)

Water Boatman (Suborder Heteroptera, Family Corixidae) are aquatic bugs often seen swimming in quiet ponds and other still waters. Water Boatman are recognized by their oval body; long, oar-like swimming legs; and habit of swimming right-side up near the bottom of the water column (compare with backswimmers).

In North American, there are 17 genera and more than 100 species of water boatman, and this is the largest family of water bugs. Water Boatman feed on algae and tiny aquatic organisms; they are entirely harmless to humans.

For more information, see Wikipedia and BugGuide.net.

Water Boatman (Family Corixidae) Water Boatman (Family Corixidae)
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