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True Flies
(Class Insecta, Order Diptera)
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General: Flies (Order Diptera) are a hugely diverse group of abundant flying creatures in the desert and mountains around Las Vegas. There are some 17,000 species of flies in North America with some thousands in the deserts.

True flies have a single pair of wings.

Most flies never bother humans, yet the human experience is with biting, blood sucking, garbage infesting flies. Look beyond these few species to learn about this biologically important group of animals.

Many groups of flies lay eggs in the water, and then the larvae live as aquatic creatures. Look for them around the edges of shallow ponds

Robber Flies (Family Asilidae) Typical Robber Flies (Family Asilidae)
Bee-like Robber Flies (Family Asilidae, Laphria spp.) Bee-like Robber Flies (Family Asilidae, Laphria spp.)
Bee Flies (Bombyliidae) Bee Flies (Family Bombyliidae)
Greenbottle Fly (Diptera, Calliphoridae, Blow Flies) Blow-flies (Calliphoridae; aka bottleflies, carrion flies)
midge larvae Midges (Family Chironomidae)
House Flies (Family Muscidae) House Flies (Family Muscidae)
Black Flies (Family Simuliidae) Black Fly Larvae (Family Simuliidae)
Tabanidae Western Horse Fly (Family Tabanidae, Tabanus punctifer)
Tephritidae Fruit Fly (Family, Tephritidae)
Craneflies (Family Tipulidae) Crane Fly (Family Tipulidae)
Hover Flies (Family Syrphidae) Hover Flies (Family Syrphidae)
True Flies (Diptera) Other Interesting Fly Species
Fly Larvae Fly Larvae. Many fly larvae develop in water and other wet places, such as in this spring on a rock wall in southern Utah.
Flies (Order Diptera) Lots and lots of flies!

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