Crane Flies (Family Tipulidae)
(Class Insecta, Order Diptera)
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Crane Flies (Family Tipulidae)

General: Crane flies (Family Tipulidae) are a diverse group of flying insects representing more than 4,000 species. Crane flies are recognized by their slender body and long legs (sometimes they are called "daddy long legs").

Some species are small, but others, such as the Giant Crane Fly (Holorusia rubiginosa) that occurs around Las Vegas, can reach 1-1/2 inches in length.

Despite their size and imposing presence, crane flies are harmless to humans. In fact, adults eat nectar or nothing at all, and so are harmless to everything (I used to think they ate mosquitoes). The larvae live in the ground and eat roots, sometimes becoming a pest in lawns.

Crane Flies (Family Tipulidae) Taxonomy: Order Diptera (Flies); Infraorder Tipulomorpha; Family Tipulidae (Crane Flies)
Crane Flies (Family Tipulidae) Crane Fly missing one leg

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