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Beetles (Class Insecta, Order Coleoptera)
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Circus Beetles (Stinkbugs)

General: Beetles are the most diverse and hugely abundant group of animals on the planet, let alone in the desert around Las Vegas (about 25% of all animals are beetles). Beetles are recognized by having a very hard exoskeleton and hard forewings (elytra) that cover and protect the hindwings, which are used for flying. In flight, the elytra are raised and held to the sides while the hindwings produce lift, resulting in a characteristic silhouette. Beetles also have chewing mouthparts, segmented antennae, elytra that meet evenly along the midline (no overlap), and they undergo complete metamorphosis.

Achryson surinamum (long-horn beetle) Family Cerambycidae: Longhorned Beetles

Achryson surinamum (longhorn beetle). Longhorn beetles are wood borers that reproduce under the bark of living trees, sometimes becoming pests and killing desirable trees. The "longhorn" refers to the elongate antennae, especially those of the male.

Family Coccinellidae: Ladybugs

Family Coccinellidae: Ladybugs

Convergent Lady Beetle (Hippodamia convergens)

Unidentified Lady Beetles (Hippodamia spp.)

beetle Family Chrysomelidae: Leaf Beetles
Family Curculionidae, True Weevils Family Curculionidae: True Weevils

Families Dytiscidae and Hydrophilidae: Aquatic Beetles

Family Geotrupidae Family Geotrupidae: Earth-Boring Dung Beetles
Whirligig Beetle (Family Gyrinidae) Family Gyrinidae: Whirligig Beetles
Lampyridae: Fireflies Family Lampyridae: Fireflies
Meloidae: Blister Beetles Family Meloidae: Blister Beetles
Family Scarabaeidae Family Scarabaeidae: Scarab Beetles
Circus Beetles (Stinkbugs) Family Tenebrionidae: Darkling Beetles, Circus Beetles, Stinkbugs
Beetles found under dead Turkey Vulture Unidentified Beetles

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