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Darkling Beetles (Family Tenebrionidae)
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General: The Darkling Beetles (Family Tenebrionidae) are a common family in the deserts around Las Vegas and include all of the "stinkbugs" we see sticking their rear ends high in the air as we walk down trails and dirt roads. Tenebrionid beetles, in general, are recognized by their broad, rounded head that conceals the jaws and the "string of beads" antennae.

df Darkling Beetles (Stinkbugs) in the genus Eleodes.
Darkling Beetles (Family Tenebrionidae) Hairy darkling beetle (Edrotes orbus). Most Darkling Beetles lack hair, but this one is quite hairy and active.
Desert Ironclad Beetle (Asbolus verrucosus) Desert Ironclad Beetle (Asbolus verrucosus). This species is said to make a good pet.
Darkling Beetle (Stenomorpha marginata) Winged Darkling Beetle (Stenomorpha marginata)
Tenebrionid with rough elytra
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