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Winged Darkling Beetle (Stenomorpha marginata)
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Darkling Beetle (Stenomorpha marginata)

General: Winged Darkling Beetles (Stenomorpha marginata) are medium-sized, slow moving beetles of the desert with rough elytra and "wings" on the pronotum. These beetles eat plant debris on the desert floor and do not stink. Stenomorpha marginata is a palatable mimic of the noxious Eleodes obscura.

Taxonomy: Order Coleoptera (Beetles), Family Tenebrionidae (Darkling Beetles), Subfamily Pimeliinae

Where to Find: This beetle occurs in Arizona and New Mexico.

Darkling Beetle (Stenomorpha marginata) Darkling Beetle (Stenomorpha marginata)
Darkling Beetle (Stenomorpha marginata) more to come ...
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