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Longhorned Beetles (Family Cerambycidae)
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Longhorned Beetles (Family Cerambycidae)
Galleries of larval bark beetle chewed into a stump

General: Longhorned Beetles (Family Cerambycidae) are an extremely diverse group with some 300 genera and 900 species in the U.S. and Canada. Longhorned Beetles are recognized by their long antennae, which usually exceed the length of the body.

Most adult Longhorned Beetles eat flowers, other plant parts (including sap and bark), or fungi, but some eat nothing.

Most larval Longhorned Beetles eat dead wood, but some live under tree bark girdling the tree and killing it, and a few just live in the soil.

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Achryson surinamum (long-horn beetle) Subfamily Cerambycinae: Achryson surinamum
Lamiinae Subfamily Lamiinae: Monochamus spp. (Oregon Fir Sawyer)
Derobrachus hovorei Subfamily Prioninae: Derobrachus hovorei (Palo Verde Root Borer)
Long-horned Beetle (Ergates spp.) Subfamily Prioninae: Ergates spp.
Cerambycidae Unidentified Longhorned Beetles.

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