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Daddy Longlegs (Harvestmen) (Class Arachnida, Order Opiliones)
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Harvestmen (Order Opiliones)
Notice white "knees" in this species.

General: Harvestmen (Order Opiliones), also known as daddy longlegs and granddaddy longlegs, are small-bodied, spider like-creatures that are completely harmless to humans. The body size rarely exceeds 1/4-inch, but the legs often exceed 2 inches in length (diameter of 4 inches!). The largest species have 6-inch legs.

Harvestmen are related to spiders, but differ in that harvestmen appear to have only one body segment (spiders have two), harvestmen do not have fangs or venom (spiders have both), and the second set of legs are very long in harvestmen and act as antennae (second set of legs are not extra long in spiders). Harvestmen do not have silk glands and do not spin webs.

Harvestmen (Order Opiliones)
Notice how the white "knees" help this species blend with the background and hide in the sand.
Harvestmen eat a variety of foods including live insects, dead animals, plants, fungi, animal feces, and other things. Harvestmen eat solid food, in contrast to spiders that suck liquid food.

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