Class Arachnidia (spiders, scorpions, ticks, mites), Order Acarina (ticks and mites), Trombidiformes (most mites)
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Velvet Mite (Family Trombidiidae, Dinothrombium spp.)

Mites, closely related to ticks, are an astoundingly diverse group of tiny invertebrates. Some 45,000 species have been described, but scientists who study ticks and mites (Acarologists) think there may be 20-times more!

Mites inhabit every conceivable habitat, including aquatic and terrestrial habits. Many are free living or live on plants, but others exploit habitats on other animals -- including humans.

Most mites are too small to see with the unaided eye, but a few species, such as this giant red velvet mite, are large enough to scare people.

Velvet Mite (Family Trombidiidae, Dinothrombium spp.) Velvet Mite (Family Trombidiidae, Dinothrombium spp.)
Order Acarina
Silver Creosote Twig Weevil with red mites on the hind leg
Order Acarina
Red mites on leg of Silver Creosote Twig Weevil

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