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White River Spinedace (Lepidomeda albivallis)
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White River Spinedace (Lepidomeda albivallis)
Speckled Dace and White River Spinedace

General Description: White River Spinedace (Lepidomeda albivallis) grow to about 5-inches long. Males are fairly bright, greenish above and on the sides with with sooty blotches and a bit of orange about the gills and fins. Females are less colorful.

White River spinedace occupy springs and spring outflow streams with clear, cool water. The substrates are primarily gravel and sand, with some mud interspersed. Emergent aquatic vegetation and algae is common and often dense. The current in the spring outflows is swift to moderate.

These fish are listed as Federally Endangered.

photo © 2011 Aaron Ambos
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Taxonomy: Minnow and Carp Family (Cyprinidae)

Diet: Omnivorous. Feeds on invertebrates, detritus, and algae in the water column and on the bottom.

Preferred Habitat: Flowing water. These fish are the most widely distributed fish in western North America (southwestern Canada to northern Mexico) and occur in desert springs, shallow desert stream, rivers, mountain torrents, and rarely even in lakes.

Where to Find: White River spinedace have been extirpated from all but one of their historical habitats. They are now found naturally only in the Flag Springs complex on the Wayne E. Kirch State Wildlife Management Area.

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