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Watching Dragonflies Around Clark County Wetlands Park
Dragonflies and Damselflies Around Las Vegas
Clark County Wetlands Park
Wetlands Park
Entrance to temporary parking area (view NE)

NOTE: The Wetlands Park Nature Preserve is undergoing major renovations and construction, which will include a huge new Information Center. In the mean time (2010-2012), the main entrance is closed and the old visitor center is gone.

Parking and access to the preserve is now through the southwest corner of the area off Hollywood Lane just north of Wetlands Park Lane. A temporary Information Center is located in the same area, inside the fenced maintenance yard.

For details of the site, access, directions, maps, GPS coordinates, and contact information, see Birding Around the Clark County Wetlands Park.

Wetlands Park
Boardwalk over a pond


The Wetlands Park Nature Preserve is a mix of ponds and creeks that draws water from Las Vegas Wash. The area attracts many birds and dragonflies, but the vegetation is so overgrown in many places that it can block views of the water. The staff is trying to manage the overgrown vegetation, so there are at least a few places to look over the ponds. The staff is actively planting the area trying to reestablish semi-native conditions.

The Wetlands Park is a nice place to go for a quiet walk and watch a few birds and dragonflies. It is located out on the edge of town, so if you mostly look north or east, you can almost forget that you are in Las Vegas.

Wetlands Park
Paved walkway along small stream

Species Seen at the Wetlands Park

Dragonflies: Anax junius (common green darner), Rhionaeschna multicolor (blue-eyed darner), Erythemis collocata (western pondhawk), Libellula comanche (comanche skimmer), Libellula luctuosa (widow skimmer), Libellula saturata (flame skimmer), Pachydiplax longipennis (blue dasher), Pantala hymenaea (spot-winged glider), Perithemis intensa (mexican amberwing), Sympetrum corruptum (variegated meadowhawk), Tramea lacerata (black saddlebag).

Damselflies: Argia moesta (powdered dancer), Argia sedula (blue-ringed dancer), Argia vivida (vivid dancer), Enallagma civile (familiar bluet), Ischnura barberi (desert forktail), Ischnura denticollis (black-fronted forktail), Ischnura ramburii (rambur'sĀ forktail), Hetaerina americana (american rubyspot).

Wetlands Park
Erythemis collocata (western pondhawk)
Wetlands Park
Libellula luctuosa (widow skimmer)
Wetlands Park
Argia moesta (powdered dancer), male
Wetlands Park
Argia moesta (powdered dancer), blue female
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