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Watching Dragonflies Around Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve
Dragonflies and Damselflies Around Las Vegas
Birding Around the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve
Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve
Entrance; be sure to sign in for free access


The Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve (HBVP) is becoming one of the best places in southern Nevada to watch birds and dragonflies. Marsh and stream-side habitat in the nearby Las Vegas Wash, combined with open ponds and trees in the HBVP ponds, attract Odonates of all kinds to water in this otherwise parched land. Walkways on dikes divide the area into several brush-lined ponds and provide many vantage points. Access to the area is free, but it closes early, especially during summer.

For details of the site, access, directions, maps, GPS coordinates, and contact information, see Birding Around the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve.

Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve
Managers work to clear views over the ponds

Species Seen at Henderson BVP

Dragonflies: Anax junius (common green darner), Rhionaeschna multicolor (blue-eyed darner), Erythemis collocata (western pondhawk), Libellula luctuosa (widow skimmer), Libellula saturata (flame skimmer), Pachydiplax longipennis (blue dasher), Perithemis intensa (mexican amberwing), Sympetrum corruptum (variegated meadowhawk), Tramea lacerata (black saddlebag), Tramea onusta (red saddlebags).

Damselflies: Enallagma civile (familiar bluet), Ischnura barberi (desert forktail), Ischnura ramburii (rambur'sĀ forktail).

Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve
Perithemis intensa (mexican amberwing)
Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve
Pachydiplax longipennis (blue dasher), female
Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve
Variegated Meadowhawk dragonflies in mating circle
Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve
Ischnura ramburii (rambur'sĀ forktail)
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