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Watching Dragonflies Around Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
Dragonflies and Damselflies Around Las VegasSpring Mountain Ranch State Park
Spring Mountain State Park
Pond with trees and aquatic vegetation


Spring Mountain Ranch is an old homestead with open pastures and large lawns, a large shallow pond, several stands of trees, and a variety of old ranch building, all of which are surrounded by Mojave Desert scrub and watched over by towering sandstone cliffs. This pond and island of green vegetation surrounded by a sea of desert scrub attracts birds and other wildlife, including dragonflies, from the surrounding area.

For details of the site, entrance fees, access, directions, maps, GPS coordinates, and contact information, see Birding Around Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.

Spring Mountain State Park
Mix of desert, riparian, and aquatic habitats

Species Seen at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Dragonflies: Rhionaeschna multicolor (blue-eyed darner), Anax junius (common green darner), Brechmorhoga mendax (pale-faced clubskimmer), Erythemis collocata (western pondhawk), Libellula comanche (comanche skimmer), Libellula saturata (flame skimmer), Orthemis ferruginea (roseate skimmer), Pachydiplax longipennis (blue dasher), Pantala hymenaea (spot-winged glider), Sympetrum corruptum (variegated meadowhawk), Tramea lacerata (black saddlebags), Tramea onusta (red saddlebags),

Damselflies: Argia agrioides (california dancer), Argia vivida (vivid dancer), Enallagma civile (familiar bluet), Ischnura cervula (pacific forktail), Ischnura denticollis (black-fronted forktail).

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